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International Conference

The Iranian threat
The Islamic republic, Israel's struggle for existence and European reactions

May 3rd/4th Mai 2008
Camp of the University of Vienna (Altes AKH), courtyard 2, lecture room C1 (Map)

Alserstraße/Spitalgasse, trams 5, 33, 43, 44
Conference languages: English / German (simultaneous translation)
Please plan for possible checking at the entrance.

Patronage: Dr. Brigitte Bailer-Galanda, Kammerschauspielerin Elisabeth Orth


The “Islamic Republic of Iran” is ruled by a regime which exerts a massive amount of terror both internally and externally, all the while working on the development of nuclear weapons capable of reaching Europe. The systematic persecution of Kurds, religious minorities such as the Bahai as well as the execution of homosexuals and the incessant repression against women who are unwilling to submit themselves to Islamic moral code are just as much intrinsic to this regime as are the routinely uttered threats of extermination towards Israel and the denial of the Shoa. The persecution, punishment and martyrdom fantasies of the Mullahs, which are even put into practice, tie – in new religious and political shapes and forms – into the extermination delusions of the national-socialist state, including the readiness to sacrifice their own population for apocalyptic goals.

Regardless of these facts, Austrian politics and industry entertain close relations to this regime. With the backing of the government the OMV is planning a 22 billion Euro deal with Iran. This massive expansion of already existing economic relations would elevate Austria and Europe to strategic partners and accomplices of this regime definitively.

The conference sees itself as a protest against the indifference vast parts of the Austrian and European public display when confronted with the terror against the Iranian population and the threat of elimination towards Israel on the part of the Mullahs in Tehran. On the one hand a depiction, analysis and critique of the Islamic dictatorship shall be rendered. On the other hand it is necessary to examine Europe's rapport – in particular the relations of the post-national-socialist countries Germany and Austria – with a regime whose enemy identification resembles that of National-Socialism in its hatred of communism and materialism, liberality and Western 'plutocracy', Jewry and Zionism.

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