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No Deals with the Iranian mullahs!

By the end of this year*, Austria's biggest state-controlled oil company, OMV AG, plans to enter into a 22 Billion Euro Agreement with Iran. This agreement will irrevocably turn Austria and Europe into strategic partners and accomplices of the Iranian political regime; a regime that supports international terrorism and violently represses its own population: The Iranian determination to develop nuclear weapons which could directly affect Europe’s security, is posing the greatest threat to world peace. The systematic persecution of Kurds, religious minorities such as the Bahai, and the executions of homosexuals as well as the ongoing repression of women who don’t submit to the Islamic moral code, are essential elements of this regime, as are the continuous threats of annihilation towards Israel and the denial of the Shoah.

The mullahs’ self-delusional fantasies of sacrifice and martyrdom, which are actively put into practice, tie in with the Nazis’ delusions of extermination by new religious and political means, including the willingness to sacrifice their own population for the apocalyptic goals of the regime. As a result, the mullahs will be in possession of nuclear weapons, and this will render political deterrence useless. Those who are interested in doing business or entering into negotiations with the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran are driven into an appeasement position, which is comparable with the reluctant and hesitant attitude towards the Nazi threat, which not only encouraged but resulted in the largest war of extermination in Europe’s history.

The OMV would grant an economic and political as well as a propagandistic aide to the regime of Ahmadinejad and murderous Jihad-ism. The OMV oil deal helps to further the aspirations of the mullahs towards a worldwide establishment of a global Islamic Ummah.
In order to avoid this, it is necessary to stop the Iranian nuclear program before it is too late. This is the only opportunity for peace both here and in the Middle East.

Iran has to be placed under consistent economic and political pressure in order to avert any threat to Israel. This means to fight the danger of Europe taking part in this programme of extinction – while at the same time being target of nuclear missiles herself. We therefore call – particularly upon the Austrian government – for ceasing "critical negotiations" with the mullahs and demand instead to take the following measures:

  • Immediate discontinuation of the negotiations between the OMV and the Iranian mullahs on the basis of unilateral sanctions
  • Cessation of any credit support provided by the Austrian Control Bank for transactions with Iran
  • Imposition of effective and comprehensive UN and EU sanctions in order to isolate the Iranian regime politically and economically
  • Support of those Iranian opposition groups which continue to fight for a secular, liberal and democratic Iran and provide for a genuine alternative to the current regime

* In April 2007 was announced that the OMV and the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) have agreed on a declaration of intent concerning the gas project. According to speculations by the Austrian daily Standard the deal's total volume will sum up to 22 Billion Euros. For a long period of time the OMV estimated that the conclusion of the agreement would take place by the end of 2007, though mid December the date of signing was referred to as "currently not conceivable".

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