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Press releases


Protest rally against the Iranian regime at reception in Vienna

STOP THE BOMB calling for protest against regime’s celebrations at the residence of the Iranian ambassador

Demanding “No support for the Iranian regime”, the coalition STOP THE BOMB will stage a protest rally in front of the residence of the Iranian ambassador to Vienna on Wednesday, February 10th, starting from 6 pm (Address: Vienna, Lainzer Strasse/Corner Gloriettgasse). At that time, the ambassador will host an official reception to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the “Islamic revolution”. The rally is supported, amongst others, by the Austrian Campaign against Anti-Semitism, the Liberal Forum, the Democratic Party Kurdistan-Iran (DPKI) and Iran Solidarity Austria as well as antifascist and Jewish organizations.

Hiwa Bahrami from the DPKI declares: “We will not remain silent when the Iranian regime is going to brutally crack down on the protests expected for the upcoming days, while the same regime disguises itself as a legitimate representative of the Iranian population here in Vienna.” STOP THE BOMB spokesperson Simone Dinah Hartmann raises the question, who will participate in the reception to represent Austria: “We hope that journalists will inquire which diplomats, politicians and businessmen will act as willing decoration for the Iranian regime.”

In their appeal to join the rally, the organizers demand the suspension of diplomatic relations with Iran, tough and immediate sanctions against the Iranian regime, the inclusion of the Revolutionary Guards in the EU’s terror list, and the support of those groups in Iran and in exile, which fight for “individual freedom, gender equality and a secular constitutional state.”


Austria still a sponsor of the Iranian regime

STOP THE BOMB criticizes visit of Iranian economic delegation in Vienna

The coalition STOP THE BOMB strongly criticizes the reception of an Iranian economic delegation, headed by the president of the Iranian Chamber of Trade, Industries and Mines, Mohammad Nahavandian, in Vienna. STOP THE BOMB accuses Austrian companies to expand their activities in Iran while international efforts for tighter sanctions to end the Iranian nuclear program have recently been growing. The reception of Nahavandian in the Austrian Ministry of Economics in Vienna clearly shows that Austria remains a sponsor of the Iranian regime. If his statement in the Austrian daily "Wiener Zeitung" proves correct and the trade volume between Austria and Iran in 2009 adds up to "nearly 600 million Euros", this would mean a 150 million increase compared to last year. STOP THE BOMB activist Hiwa Bahrami of the Democratic Party Kurdistan-Iran calls for Austria’s support of the Iranian freedom movement instead of courting the regime: "It will be hard to find partners in a free Iran in the future for those involved in deals with the present rulers in Tehran."

STOP THE BOMB points to the fact that the idea of continued good business relations has a strong political backing in Austria and is also endorsed by the Austrian-Iranian cultural exchange. In December, the director of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Tehran, Wolfgang Thill, announced to "bring together Austrian and Iranian experts in constitutional law, because the dialogue on different concepts of State is definitely something fascinating." Simone Dinah Hartmann, spokeswoman of STOP THE BOMB, rejects this kind of cynicism: "We are talking about a regime that brutalizes its own population, executes homosexuals, exercises the stoning of women, denies the Holocaust and threatens to eliminate Israel. The theocratic political system of the 'Islamic Republic' with the rule of the 'Supreme Leader' laid down in the constitution is not 'fascinating', but simply inhuman. Especially the increasing power of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran should not be the reason for dialogue, but for harsh sanctions against the regime."


Sanctions instead of EU-delegations

STOP THE BOMB demands of European parliament to support sanctions against the Iranian regime

In light of the postponement of a visit to Iran by European parliament members, the European coalition STOP THE BOMB that meanwhile is active in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Austria, has published an advertisement in the "Wall Street Journal Europe". STOP THE BOMB urges the European Parliament to support the immediate implementation of European sanctions against the Iranian regime. Instead of giving legitimacy to the Iranian regime by visits of European parliamentarians, it is time now to impose severe sanctions, specifically against the Revolutionary Guards Corps, which will send the regime a clear message that Europe rejects the brutal oppression of the people and that it stands against Iran's quest to build a military nuclear program, which threatens Israel, the region, the West and the Iranian people.

The advertisement of the "Wall Street Journal Europe" can be found here:


Debate on policy towards Iran in Vienna

International Symposium on December 1, 2009 at "Haus der Begegnung Mariahilf" in Vienna

The Austrian branch of the non-partisan coalition STOP THE BOMB, which is actively campaigning for tough sanctions against the Iranian regime and the support of the secular and democratic opposition, holds a symposium on "How to Deal With the Iranian Regime?" on Tuesday, December 1st, 2009, starting from 5:30 pm at Vienna’s "Haus der Begegnung Mariahilf". Amir Taheri, one of the most prominent Iranian journalists and opponents of the regime, and Ilan Berman of the Washington-based American Foreign Policy Council will give a lecture on the status quo of the illegal Iranian nuclear program, the role of the Revolutionary Guards and conditions for a regime change. Both experts will join a panel discussion on Western appeasement, sanctions and the Iranian opposition with the former Czech MEP Jana Hybaskova of the liberal-conservative European Democratic Party and STOP THE BOMB-spokesperson Simone Dinah Hartmann. The symposium will be held in English.


Peacefully Towards Disaster?

November 04: Lecture by Matthias Kuentzel on the Western policy of dialogue with the Iranian regime

On Wednesday, 04 November 2009, German political scientist Matthias Kuentzel will give a lecture on the Western policy toward Iran, which will take place at 7:30 pm at Republikanischer Club (Rokhgasse 1, 1010 Vienna). At the invitation of STOP THE BOMB, he will focus on the role of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and on the concessions made by Western countries following every breach of the treaty that the Iranian regime had committed. Kuentzel will share his critical analysis of the current strategy of the West for negotiations with the Iranian regime, as well as outline the aims of the current Iranian leadership and present his newest book that has just been released in German ("Die Deutschen und der Iran. Geschichte und Gegenwart einer verhaengnisvollen Freundschaft", published by WJ Siedler).

Dr. Kuentzel is a research associate at the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, board member of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME), as well as co-author of "Der Iran – Analyse einer islamischen Diktatur und ihrer europäischen Förderer". His analyses on Islamism and Iran have been translated into more than 10 languages. He has received several awards for his book "Jihad and Jew-Hatred".


Austria as willing audience for Ahmadinejad

STOP THE BOMB and Ariel Muzicant strongly criticize Austrian behavior at UN General Assembly

While about 300 people protested yesterday at a rally organized by STOP THE BOMB in front of the Vienna Opera House against the UN speech of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Austria continues its policy of appeasement and cooperation with the Iranian regime at the UN General Assembly. Right before the rally, head of 1st district and former head of the Austrian People’s Party delegation in the European Parliament, Ursula Stenzel, expressed her hope that the Austrian delegates would follow numerous other delegations and leave the hall during Ahmadinejad’s speech. In his message to the participants of the rally, the spokesperson for foreign policy of the Green Party, Alexander Van der Bellen, called upon the Austrian delegation to deliver a clear message of protest during Ahmadinejad’s speech. All these hopes were spoiled, however. Ariel Muzicant, head of Austria’s Jewish Community and one of the main speakers at yesterday’s rally, gives a disappointed résume: „The Austrian foreign policy actors obviously refrain even from small gestures of protest against the Iranian regime in order to not endanger the still excellent business ties of Austrian companies with Iran. These business ties together with the Austrian way of politics keep the anti-Semitic regime in Tehran and its nuclear program alive.“

Simone Dinah Hartmann, spokeswoman of STOP THE BOMB, remains disillusioned taking into account the Austrian way of flattering the President of the Iranian terror regime: „Austrian politics stabs the Iranian freedom movement in the back with its behavior. And obviously it seems completely irrelevant for Austrian foreign policy that Holocaust denial is a criminal act in this country.“
Heribert Schiedel, an expert on right wing extremism of the Austrian Campaign against Anti-Semitism, strongly condemns the behavior of the Austrian delegation at the UN General Assembly: „For the Iranian regime, it is an additional boost for its legitimacy to be treated as full-fledged member of the United Nations despite Holocaust denial and the announcement of its policy of extermination against Jews. With their behavior at yesterday’s UN General Assembly, the Austrian delegates reinforced the legitimacy of a Holocaust denier.“


Rally against Ahmadinejad in Vienna

STOP THE BOMB protests against the UN-address of the Iranian President

The alliance STOP THE BOMB is organizing a rally under the motto "Stop Ahmadinejad – No support for the Iranian regime" in front of the opera building in Vienna on Wednesday, 23 September at 5 p.m. The rally is directed against the UN-address of the Iranian President on the same day and it will coincide with world-wide protests, e.g. in New York and Brussels. In Vienna, one of the residences of the United Nations, STOP THE BOMB wants to use this occasion to protest against the politics of appeasement towards the Iranian regime as well as the economic support of the dictatorship of the Ayatollahs and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. The rally is supported by various groups including the Democratic party of Kurdistan Iran, the Greens "andersrum" Vienna, the Liberal Forum and the Jewish community. Among others, Marco Schreuder of the Green Party Vienna, Peter Florianschütz of the Social Democratic party Vienna, the President of the Jewish community Ariel Muzicant and Hiwa Bahrami of the Democratic party of Kurdistan Iran, will deliver a statement at the rally.

On Tuesday, September 22, i.e. the night before the rally, the Iranian sociologist Saba Farzan will be giving a lecture on the current situation in Iran and the possibility of a policy of sanctions against the regime. This event will take place at the "Republikanischer Club" in Vienna, starting at 7.3o p.m.

STOP THE BOMB urges harsh, extensive, and consequent sanctions to put pressure on the regime in Teheran. The nuclear armament of this regime, which poses an existential threat to Israel and which also threatens the West and the Iranian people, has to be averted. The spokesperson of STOP THE BOMB, Simone Dinah Hartmann, stresses the aim of the protests: "Austria is currently a member of the Security Council of the United Nations. If it does not want to continue collaborating with the Iranian Regime and thereby supporting its policy of brutal suppression and the development of the Iranian bomb, the least what the Austrian government can do is to prohibit businesses of Austrian enterprises which are endorsing the Iranian regime and it has to push for including the Revolutionary Guards in the list of terrorist organizations of the European Union."

Hiwa Bahrami of the Democratic party of Kurdistan Iran criticizes that the European head of the conservative party (OEVP) Ernst Strasser announced a meeting with the Iranian ambassador in Vienna Ebrahim Sheibany at the very same day of Ahmadinejad’s UN appearance: "Instead of flattering represenatives of the regime one should seek a dialogue with the democratic and secular opposition."


Solidarity with the Iranian freedom movement! No deals with the Iranian regime! Security for Israel!

Weekly information desk
Every Friday, 4-7 PM, Mariahilferstraße/Neubaugasse (1060 Vienna)

While demonstrators in Iran are being beaten, arrested, tortured, killed or driven to exile, European – including Austrian – leaders confine themselves to verbal condemnation of these actions taken by the Iranian regime. Putting an end to thirty years of appeasement and collaboration is overdue. Isn’t it high time to side unmistakably with the part of the Iranian population that is struggling under mortal danger for liberty, secularism, rule of law and democracy? The Iranian regime is currently transitioning from a clerical-fascist mullah dictatorship to a fascist and apocalyptic military dictatorship. Isn’t it high time to respond with harsh sanctions instead of supporting this regime by continued economic relations?

No recognition of the regime!
Demanding new elections to make up for the farce that has taken place is by far insufficient. Also the plea signed by several members of the Austrian parliament issuing the necessary demands for releasing the imprisoned protesters, for an end of violence against demonstrators and for admitting free press report is still unsatisfactory, not only because it does not mention consequences. Europe’s leaders must cease to recognize the pseudo-elections in Iran as well as the Iranian regime itself; They must deprive its economic basis, expel ambassadors of the "Islamic Republic”, press for free election of a sovereign Iranian parliament and offer any conceivable support for the Iranian protesters. Furthermore, the European states need to assure right of residence to those persecuted.
The population of Iran has to fight the battle for liberty by itself. Notwithstanding this fact, any support and legitimacy that this regime receives from the outside, especially from Europe, must be withdrawn. We call upon the Austrian government to use Ahmadinejad’s inauguration day in August as an opportunity to revoke its recognition of the Iranian regime. Furthermore, we call upon Austria to use its seat in the UN Security Council for promoting these measures internationally. A large number of those Iranians who are currently protesting are not demanding to get a new president. They have shown their contempt for the regime as a whole and expressed their hopes for true change. The confirmation of Ahmadinejad as president by the supreme leader Khamenei by means of evidently fraudulent election results triggered a power struggle within the system. Important parts of the movement have tried to avoid being exploited through this conflict and use it for their own purpose instead. Questions about the election results have long become obsolete. The question "Where is my vote?” is just as outdated as demanding new elections within the existing system. Not only since Khamenei has confirmed Ahmadinejad as president a significant part of the ongoing protest is directed openly against the system of the "Islamic Republic”. The international solidarity movement has to acknowledge these facts and support this struggle in its actions and demands.

Security for Israel! STOP THE BOMB!
Its hatred of homosexuals and emancipated women is as much as its anti-Semitism a condensation of the Iranian regime’s anti-Western furor. Amongst its consequent opponents there must be no neutrality towards hatred of Israel and threats of extinction against the Jewish state. The fight against anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism cannot be separated from the vindication of freedom for the people in Iran. "Espionage for Israel” is one of the accusations habitually brought forward against oppositionists in Iran. This is only one example showing how closely the fight against anti-Semitism is linked to the struggle for freedom in Iran. Also, members of the Iran-funded anti-Semitic terror organizations Hamas and Hezbollah are being deployed in Iran for the persecution of Iranian oppositionists. The fight against nuclear weapons in the hands of the Iranian regime needs to be part of the opposition movement. The bomb threatens Israel and the West, but even more so the population of Iran as it would strengthen the government and lead to even greater internal terror. We call upon all opponents of the regime to integrate the fight against the nuclear weapons program and the anti-Semitic policy of the "Islamic Republic” offensively into their actions for a free, democratic and secular Iran.
People in Iran deserve support for their struggle as much as they are in dire need for it. We commemorate the slogan chanted by Iranian women who in 1979 protested by tens of thousands against the introduction of the veil:
"Emancipation is neither Western nor Eastern – it is universal!"


Protest against Iran Seminar of Austrian Chamber of Commerce

STOP THE BOMB announces rally for Tuesday and declares solidarity with Iranian freedom movement

During a seminar on Iran scheduled for June 23 and 24, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO) plans to show business companies how they can still intensify business ties with Iran despite all EU ad UN sanctions. Simone Dinah Hartmann, spokeswoman of the non-partisan coalition STOP THE BOMB, considers that a completely wrong signal: "While Europe and the new US administration are discussing a broadening of sanctions on a regime that at this very moment tries to brutally crack down on the Iranian population fighting for freedom, Austria marches in a contrary direction." On Tuesday starting from 08:30 am, STOP THE BOMB will demonstrate in front of the Chamber of Commerce building at Stubenring 8 against the plans of Austrian companies to expand their business connections with the Iranian regime while at the same time protestors in Iran are being shot, beaten up, arrested and tortured. In an open letter sent today to the WKO by several of its own members, the undersigned demand the cancellation of the seminar.

During a visit of the head of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Mines (ICCIM), Mohammad Nahavandian, to Vienna in March WKO president Christoph Leitl rejoiced over Austria’s "excellent trade relations" with the Iranian regime. Hiwa Bahrami of the Democratic Party Kurdistan Iran voices his criticism: "It is a stab into the back of the Iranian opposition, which has been fighting for a democratic-constitutional and secular Iran for the last 30 years and which right now is confronted with a massive repression by the Iranian regime when politicians and the Chamber of Commerce alike promote doing business with Iran."

STOP THE BOMB declares its solidarity with the freedom movement of the Iranian population and thus clearly demands of the Austrian Government and the Parliament to recognize neither the Iran election fraud nor the Iranian regime as such any longer. Instead, they should press for free elections to a sovereign Iranian parliament and provide the protestors with any support needed, such as to open the Austrian embassy in Tehran for people injured or refugees.


Rally against Iranian Vice President in Vienna

STOP THE BOMB protests against visit of Esfandyar Mashaei at the UNO-City

Today, Tuesday June 9th, Iranian Vice President Esfandyar Mashaei is coming to Vienna to participate at a ceremony at the UNO-city. STOP THE BOMB, a non-partisan coalition against conducting business with the Iranian regime will protest starting from 3PM in front of UNO city at Wagramer Strasse in the 22nd district. Simone Dinah Hartmann, spokesperson of STOP THE BOMB demands, "that the Iranian regime, which is the only one in the world that made denying the Holocaust part of its foreign policy, will not be given a podium for its propaganda in Vienna and at the UN. We will protest against the appearance of the Iranian Vice President Mashaei in front of the UNO-city." Hiwa Bahrami of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Iran is outraged about the appearance of Mashaei: "Is is a slap in the face of the democratic and secular opposition, that a high-ranking representative of the Iranian dictatorship is given the opportunity to present his regime as a normal, harmless and equal member of the international community."

Mashaei has spoken about the "corrupt and criminal Zionist regime (that) is harming not only the Arab and Islamic world, but humanity in its entirety." As with other representatives of the Iranian regime, antisemitic conspiracy theories are also explicit in his remarks stating that "the root and origin of most of the world's current crises are related to Zionism." Mashaei, who as Vice President is also responsible for the "cultural heritage" and tourism organization of the "Islamic republic", is considered a close affiliate of President Ahmadinejad. He represents a regime that for 30 years has been violently suppressing its own people; a regime that has murdered ten of thousands of oppositionists and driven millions into exile; a regime that threatens Israel with annihilation, executes homosexuals, terrorizes women and persecutes national and religious minorities such as the Kurds and the Bahai. The Iranian regime carries out a nuclear program, which is a danger not only to Israel but also to Iran's neighbors and the entire west. This regime is intensly engaged in the production and distribution of antisemitic propaganda literature and supports and finances jihadist terror groups such as Hamas and Hizbollah.

STOP THE BOMB supports the demand of former Canadian Minister of Justice and Attorney General Irwin Cotler to ban representatives of the Iranian regime who spur genocide with their antisemitic propaganda. By invitation of STOP THE BOMB Cotler will come to Vienna on July 3rd where he will talk about his proposals on dealing with the Iranian regime.


Renewed protests announced for OMV shareholders' meeting

STOP THE BOMB to confront board with its criticism of proposed deals with Iran

On Wednesday 13 May 2009, the OMV shareholders' meeting will take place at the Austria Center in Vienna. During this meeting the topic of the planned billion euro deal with Iran will again be on the agenda. The coalition STOP THE BOMB, which has been campaigning against doing business with the Iranian regime since the end of 2007, successfully staged protests at last year's shareholders' meeting, exposing the moral contradictions in OMV's policies. The management board was thus forced to take a stand on its involvements in Iran. This year, members of the coalition will again take part in the meeting as smallholders to voice their criticism. They will ask questions about the deal with Iran and OMV's involvement in the Nabucco gas pipeline project, which, according to current assessments, would not have any economic sense without the inclusion of Iranian gas supplies. Furthermore, all OMV shareholders will be informed about the deals of OMV with Iran and the character of the Iranian regime outside the venue, in front of the Austria Center.

Although the Austrian government has since relativized its initially unconditional support for OMV's deal with Iran, the company itself seems to stick to its plans to grant the Iranian regime an economic as well as political and propagandistic success by seeking to conclude a billion euro deal. STOP THE BOMB spokeswoman Simone Dinah Hartmann stresses the potentially fatal consequences of any such a business deal with the Iranian regime: "The planned agreement would upgrade the Iranian regime towards being a main trade partner of Austria and even toward being an important strategic partner of Europe. While international efforts are trying to avert the threat that emerges from the Iranian regime and its nuclear program - not only for Israel - by continuously pressuring the regime, a company in which the Republic of Austria is holding a 30% share threatens to undermine these efforts."


STOP THE BOMB against Iran Travel of Chamber of Commerce and Durban II Conference

Stenzel, Pittermann and Petrovic criticize increase of economic contacts with Iran and Austrian participation at UN conference in Geneva

STOP THE BOMB, a non-partisan coalition against conducting business with the Iranian regime, criticizes the "exploration trip" of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce to Iran that is scheduled between 25-28 April 2009, and the participation of Austria at the so-called "antiracism conference" in Geneva, at which Iranian president Ahmadinejad has announced his attendance. STOP THE BOMB spokesperson Simone Dinah Hartmann views the trip of the Chamber of Commerce to Iran as a means to undermine international pressure on the regime in Tehran: "While Europe discusses a broadening of sanctions to have the regime stop its nuclear program, Austria marches in a different direction."

Ursula Stenzel, former MEP of the conservative party and supporter of STOP THE BOMB, demands responsible policies and actions from the Chamber of Commerce: "The trip to Iran sends out a wrong signal. Certainly international business relations should be extended. But when faced with a regime like that of Iran, short-term economic interests must stand back. There is no 'business as usual' with a regime whose foreign politics is comprised of the denial of the Holocaust, and that threatens Israel with annihilation. "

The Iranian regime, which is a significant contributor to the production and circulation of anti-Semitic propaganda like the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," took an integral part in the preparation of the UN’s second "antiracism conference." The former social democratic politician Elisabeth Pittermann, who was among the first to sign the STOP THE BOMB petition against business deals with Iran, is questioning the conference as a whole: "The conference in Geneva does not serve the necessary struggle against racism, but rather the delegitimation of Israel. It doesn’t advocate compliance to human rights obligations, but rather gives a podium to the worst violators of human rights like the Iranian regime." Madeleine Petrovic, head of the Green party in Lower Austria, who has recently signed the STOP THE BOMB petition, demands from the Austrian government: "The participation of Ahmadinejad just gives European governments another reason to boycott the UN conference. The Austrian government should not only speak out against the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce to expand the Austrian business with Iran, but should also issue a letter of refusal against the abuse of anti-racism that can be expected at the Durban II conference in Geneva."


Protest against the Iranian regime in front of the parliament in Vienna

STOP THE BOMB organizes picket on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of the "Islamic Republic" in Iran

STOP THE BOMB, a non-partisan coalition against conducting business with the Iranian regime, will hold a picket in front of the Parliament in Vienna this Wednesday, April 1st, from 16:30 until 20:00 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of the "Islamic Republic" in Iran. Similar pickets against business deals with the Iranian mullahs will simultaneously take place in other European cities including Berlin and The Hague. Further events to commemorate the 30th anniversary of dictatorship in Iran and its victims are planned in Italy and Spain. A joint statement by STOP THE BOMB and other European intiatives that are directed against the Iranian regime and its nuclear program can be found here:

The picket in Vienna is supported amongst others by the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Iran (DPKI), the Austrian-Israeli Society (ÖIG), the Austrian LGBT rights organisation Rechtskomitee LAMBDA, the Jewish Community and the League against Antisemitism in Austria. Besides screenings of human rights violations in Iran on a video wall there will be speeches, starting at 16:30, amongst others by Madeleine Petrovic of the Green Party, Richard Schmitz of the ÖIG, VP Oskar Deutsch of the Jewish Community and a representative of the DPKI. In addition there will be statements by Wolfgang Neugebauer (League against Antisemitism in Austria) and Marco Schreuder (Member of the Vienna City Council and spokesperson of the Green Party's LGBT group "Grüne Andersrum").


Outrage on Visit by Iranian Trade Delegation in Vienna

STOP THE BOMB critisizes Nahavandian’s visit to Austria and announces picket on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of the "Islamic Republic" in Iran

STOP THE BOMB, a non-partisan coalition against conducting business with the Iranian regime, responded with outrage to the visit of the head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Mines (ICCIM), Mohammad Nahavandian, in Austria. While increased efforts are being made on the international level to confront the threats posed by the Iranian nuclear program, the head of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO), Christoph Leitl, rejoiced over Austria’s "excellent trade relations" with the Iranian regime. STOP THE BOMB spokeswoman Simone Dinah Hartmann stated, "It borders on impertinence how Leitl is agitating for economic support for the Iranian dictatorship. While the demands for effective sanctions are growing in other European countries, Austria seems to favour even stronger business ties with the Ayatollahs."

On 1 April 2009, from 4.30 p.m. to 8 p.m. ,STOP THE BOMB will hold a picket in front of the Parliament in Vienna on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of the "Islamic Republic" in Iran. The protest will also be directed against the WKO’s "fact finding trip" to Iran scheduled for the end of April. The picket against business deals with the Iranian mullahs will simultaneously take place in other European cities including Berlin and The Hague. Further events to commemorate the 30th anniversary of dictatorship in Iran and its victims are planned in Italy and Spain. Hiwa Bahrami of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Iran refers to 30 years of regime sponsored internal and external terror: "The only thing to celebrate on this occasion are 30 years of resistance against the inhuman Iranian regime."

During the picket in Vienna, which is supported inter alia by Vienna’s Jewish Community (IKG) and Action against Antisemitism in Austria, films on Iran will be shown on a videowall. There will be contributions by i.a. Madeleine Petrovic (The Green Party) and Richard Schmitz of the Austrian-Israeli Society.


30 Years of Islamic Republic = 30 Years of Terror

STOP THE BOMB criticizes Raiffeisen’s involvement in Iran and warns of belittling Chatami

STOP THE BOMB, a non-partisan coalition against conducting business with Iran, seizes on a recent report published in the “Wall Street Journal” stating that Raiffeisen Zentralbank has absorbed transactions of key European banks that had shut down their operations in Iran. STOP THE BOMB spokeswoman Simone Dinah Hartmann protests: “If it is true that Raiffeisen takes over Iran based transactions of other banks, this constitutes an active circumvention of all efforts made toward a policy of effective sanctions – a line of action that businesses like Siemens or OMV have been known for in the past.” Four days ago Ali Larijani, chairman of the Iranian parliament, has provided new proof for the necessity of sanctions against the Iranian regime, which celebrates the anniversary of the Islamic revolution today. At the security conference in Munich, he defended President Ahmadinejad’s denial of the Holocaust.

Regarding the announcement of Mohammed Chatami’s candidacy for the Iranian presidential elections, Stephan Grigat, scientific associate of STOP THE BOMB, issues a commentary in today’s Die Presse, stressing that the regime’s secret nuclear program – an existential threat to Israel – had been continued throughout the eight-year presidency of allegedly “moderate” Chatami. The former president also defended the French Holocaust denier Garaudy, adhered to supporting the Lebanese Hizbullah and warranted the death penalty for homosexuals.

Hiwa Bahrami of the Democratic Party Kurdistan Iran, which is part of the coalition STOP THE BOMB, points to revealing continuities in Iran: “30 years of Islamic republic stand for 30 years of terror within and outside of Iran. The persecution of the Kurds and other minorities continued even under Chatami’s rule.”


Iran – an alternative supplier in times of energy shortage?

STOP THE BOMB criticizes Nabucco, Petrovic condemns deals with Iran

The STOP THE BOMB coalition, speaking out against doing business with the Iranian regime, wishes to express its appreciation of the statement by Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger during the ORF Press Hour on Sunday. Mr. Spindelegger expressed his opposition to finalizing a contract between OMV and Iran in the current situation, hinting at the Austrian government’s dwindling support for the planned billion Euro deal with the Iranian regime. However, STOP THE BOMB spokesperson Simone Dinah Hartmann criticises Spindelegger’s endorsement of the Nabucco project: “If now is not the right time for the billion Euro deals of OMV, why does Spindelegger support the Nabucco project, which could not be operated profitably without Iranian natural gas?”

Hartmann criticizes the short-sightedness of such an energy policy: “Instead of consequently backing renewable energy sources, the government seems to prefer to become dependent on a regime such as the Iranian one, which uses oil and gas revenues both for its fight against the West and for suppressing its own population, and which is, politically speaking, even more unreliable than Russia.” In the light of the current situation in the Middle East, STOP THE BOMB’s spokesperson refers to Iran’s support of the terrorist organization Hamas: “The regime in Tehran helped the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood in their jihad against Israel with millions of dollars, arms and military training. Any trade with the Iranian regime constitutes financing of international terrorism.”

Madeleine Petrovic, leader of the Green Party in Lower Austria, who has recently joined the ranks of prominent supporters of the STOP THE BOMB petition against trade with the mullah regime, severely criticizes deals with Iran: “Those who today question Israel’s right to exist and who support the spreading of hatred and suffering will tomorrow jeopardize the integrity of other states. International solidarity is therefore necessary: no deals, no naive and baseless trust as long as the regime’s rhetoric and actions do not change credibly, effectively and with lasting consequences!” In this context STOP THE BOMB also emphasizes its appreciation for the clear statements by the Green Party spokesperson, Eva Glawischnig, and their spokesman for finance and budget, Werner Kogler, opposing the building of the Nabucco pipeline.


Protests against Former Iranian President Khatami at Vienna University

Opposition by exiled Iranians and STOP THE BOMB met with violent response by University Board

About 60 protesters gathered in front of and inside Vienna University to oppose a speech to be held by former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami on 27 October 2008. The protest was staged by the coalition STOP THE BOMB, that is actively campaigning against deals with the Iranian Mullahs, the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Iran, and other groups.

Even before the speech was set to begin, some seeking admission to the audience were denied entry to the lecture hall without explanation. The protest was subsequently dealt with by an excessive use of force. Security personnel strangled protesters, and knocked eyeglasses off faces. The security personnel insulted protesters and refused to give their names upon request. Those students, who wanted to express their opposition to Khatami inside the lecture hall were thrown out of the hall without warning and by a disproportionate use of force.

STOP THE BOMB spokeswoman Simone Dinah Hartmann is deeply shocked by the violence used to prevent the protests. "We would never have thought that the University Board, whose members had not reacted at all to our previously published open letter to the Rectorate, was ready to meet peaceful protests with such violence," she stated.

Hiwa Bahrami of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Iran said the incident reminded the group of the oppression in Iran during Khatami's presidency: "It was under Khatami when the students' movement was violently put down. And today at Vienna University we see Khatami's speech violently defended against the protests of those terrorised by the Islamic Republic of Iran for many decades."


Protest against Khatami in Vienna

Nobel laureate Jelinek and STOP THE BOMB criticize the meeting of the Austrian president Fischer with the former Iranian president

On October 25th, President Heinz Fischer and Minister of Science Johannes Hahn will participate in the ceremonial act “35 Years Dialogue Initiative Saint Gabriel”, to which also the former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami will attend. Again and again during the last years, conferences were organized within the scope of this initiative, which provided a stage for representatives of the Iranian dictatorship.

The bipartisan alliance STOP THE BOMB, which is committed to prevent deals with the Iranian regime, announces protests against this courting of the Iranian ex-president. Simone Dinah Hartmann, spokesperson of STOP THE BOMB, points out that Khatami does not, as often claimed, represent the Iranian opposition, but a wing of the Islamic Republic’s establishment: “The Iranian regime’s secret nuclear program has been pursued as well under Khatami’s presidency. The Iranian student’s movement has been massively repressed. Khatami defends the capital punishment for homosexuality, and during his complete eight years in office continued Iran’s support of the Hisbullah in Lebanon, which strives to obliterate Israel.”

Nobel laureate in literature Elfriede Jelinek, a supporter of STOP THE BOMB, excoriates the Austrian readiness to talk to the Iranian regime: “A dialogue with political powers striving for nuclear armament at all costs, aiming for “wiping” another state “off the map”, cannot be called a dialogue.” Alternatively, she calls for endorsement of Iran’s opposition forces: “It would rather befit the government of Austria to welcome representatives of the Iranian opposition, but most of them have already been imprisoned, are being tortured and murdered. Thus, a fake oppositionist is welcomed who has never been actively opposed to the Iranian threats to Israel, nor has he dissociated himself from this policy.”

Hiwa Bahrami, from the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Iran, also demands to back Iran’s secular opposition: “The regime executed ten thousands of its opponents, and assassinated numerous members of the opposition abroad. A dialogue with representatives of this regime stabs Iran’s secular opposition in the back.”

STOP THE BOMB will hold a protest meeting on Saturday, 25th October, starting on 9.30 a.m. in front of Vienna’s Academy of Sciences in the Wollzeile.


Turnaround in the Austrian policy towards Iran?

STOP THE BOMB criticises the sponsoring of an Iranian conference by OMV and welcomes statements by the OeVP and the Green Party regarding business with Iran

The Iranian Gas Export Conference is set to take place in Tehran next weekend and the Austrian Oil Company OMV, which is planning a multi-billion Dollar deal with the Iranian regime, appears as a silver-sponsor. Given the withdrawal of SHELL from sponsoring this conference, Simone Dinah Hartmann, spokesperson of the coaltion STOP THE BOMB which is active in speaking out against doing business with Iran, argues: “Unlike SHELL the OMV seems to adhere to direct financing of economical support measures for the Iranian terror regime.”

On the other hand STOP THE BOMB welcomes the statement of Thomas Schmid, speaker of the OeVP parliamentary group who referred to the fact, that his party had suggested to OMV several times to resign from the agreements made with Iran. Likewise STOP THE BOMB appreciates that the foreign policy spokesperson of the Austrian Green Party, Ulrike Lunacek, by this time is not only skeptical about the OMV-deal, as she mentioned before, but rather thinks, it “should be rejected” at the present moment. Simone Dinah Hartmann, however, stresses that the two parties still have to prove, if such statements amount to a substantial change of the policy towards Iran. “Considering the permanently repeated threats against Israel and considering the terror against the Iranian people, Austria’s reaction should imply a consequent policy of imposing sanctions. Furthermore, it would be very interesting to learn about the reasons for the total lack of any comments on this topic by the Social-Democrats.”

STOP THE BOMB declares itself deeply shocked by the election success of the right-wing extremist parties which rank amongst the most vehement supporters of expanding relations with the Holocaust-denying regime in Tehran. Hiwa Bahrami, representative of the Democratic Party Curdistan Iran in Austria, which is part of the STOP THE BOMB-Coalition, refers to the concomitance of racism and collaboration with Islamism: “For these parties the agitation against foreigners and the collaboration with Islamist regimes and movements are not contradictory to each other.”


STOP THE BOMB criticizes OMV sponsoring of Iran

Campaign against the Iranian nuclear program announces activities surrounding election campaign events

The non-partisan coalition STOP THE BOMB, which is engaged in an international petition and further activities in Vienna against deals with the Iranian regime, condemns OMV's sponsorship of "Iran's second Gas Export Conference" which will take place October 4th and 5th in Tehran as reported in yesterday's press. Simone Dinah Hartmann, spokeswoman of STOP THE BOMB, notes: "The Austrian multinational corporation obviously does not only want to keep the Iranian dictatorship alive with its planned multi-billion dollar deal, but is now also directly financing economic promotion activities of the Iranian terror regime."

At the political level, Austria seems to undermine the isolation of the Iranian terror regime. According to a report by "Die Presse," Austria is pleading against further sanctions at the EU level. Iranian sources even say that the Austrian ambassador in Tehran, Michael Postl, proclaimed that both Austria and the EU are interested in the further development of economic relations with Iran. The Austrian Foreign Trade Office in Tehran will send its own trade delegate to Vienna, to explain to Austrian companies in individual discussions the market opportunities in Iran. Numerous Austrian companies will be present at industrial and trade fairs in the coming autumn in Tehran. Chamber of Commerce President Leitl and Vice-President Schenz this year have already visited Iran, and an Austrian economic mission to the Ayatollahs’ regime has been announced for October. Hiwa Bahrami, Austrian representative of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan-Iran, a coalition partner of STOP THE BOMB, highlights the special role of Austria: "The number of countries that understand the threat posed by the Iranian nuclear program is growing, and they are demanding stronger measures against the regime in Tehran. Vienna, on the other hand, is trying to strengthen relations with Iran."

STOP THE BOMB will present its criticism during election campaign events in the coming weeks, starting on Friday with an information stand at the SPÖ (Social Democratic party) election campaign in the Vienna Stadthalle. The coalition wants to confront party members with the question of whether they should withdraw their support for doing business in Iran, such as the OMV deal, in light of the Iranian nuclear program, the threats against Israel, and other Iranian government practices. Over the past 30 years in Iran, tens of thousands of Social Democrats, trade unionists and other opponents of the regime were murdered, and hundreds of thousands were tortured and driven into exile. STOP THE BOMB will ask instead that they support the secular opposition. Similar activities with other political parties will follow.


EURO 2008 - Business Ranking Iran

STOP THE BOMB presents an online ranking of the Euro 2008 countries in terms of their trade volume with Iran

The campaign STOP THE BOMB – Coalition against the Iranian extermination program that stands up against trade with Iran together with international supporters presents an online ranking of the Euro 2008 countries in terms of their trade volume with Iran.

The most important commercial partner of Iran in Europe is Italy, followed by Turkey, that will keep its position due to a 2.25 Billion Euro deal signed last year. Germany ranks third, it might, however, be the secret European champion while conducting more and more of its commerce via third party countries. France, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia and Greece hold further top positions. STOP THE BOMB’s website also provides a ranking in relation to the per capita figures with Greece as European champion of trade with Iran.

Political scientist Stephan Grigat, who is a political advisor of STOP THE BOMB, points out that the hosts of the Euro 2008 do everything in their power to ascend to top positions: “OMV – with the Austrian state holding more than 30 % of its shares - plans to enter into a Billion Euro Agreement with Iran as is generally known. Switzerland is not just ahead of its Euro 2008 hostpartner as to football skills: The Swiss power company Laufenburg signed a deal with the Iranian Gas Export Company in April 2008 with a an estimated total volume of 18 Billion Euros.”

Every deal with the Iranian regime is an economic, political and propagandistic success for the dictatorship of the Ayatollahs, says Simone Dinah Hartmann, spokesperson of STOP THE BOMB: “Those who trade with Iran finance the repression of the Iranian population, the propaganda for the extermination of Israel and the armament of the mullahs.” Hiwa Bahrami, who is the Austrian representative of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Iran, states: “Those who conduct negotiations and a ‘dialogue’ with this regime, stab that Iranian opposition in the back, that has been fighting for a democratic, constitutional and secular Iran for decades.”

The campaign STOP THE BOMB therefore stands up for broad economic sanctions against the Iranian regime and for a dialogue with the Iranian opposition instead of the mullahs.

Find the EURO 2008 Ranking here:


Protest against deals with Iran continues

STOP THE BOMB requests Austrian politics to abandon support for deals with Iran and starts a divestment campaign against OMV

The campaign STOP THE BOMB – Coalition against the Iranian extermination programme has been mobilizing against a contract with Iran which the Austrian Mineral Oil Company (OMV) is planning to conclude. The campaign started an international online petition, which has been undersigned – amongst other prominent personages – by Elfriede Jelinek, Elie Wiesel and Imre Kertész, Albert Steinnhauser and Maria Vassilakou of the Austrian Green Party, and more than 4.300 other people from more than 60 countries. Now STOP THE BOMB requests in an open letter to the Federal Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Austrian Republic to quit political support for deals with the Iranian regime. Considering statements given by Iranian opposition groups that at present a high-ranking delegation of OMV is staying in Iran to negotiate the concern’s planned 22 billion Euro deal with the Regime, STOP THE BOMB answers with an open letter referring to a writing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to our campaign. In this letter Thomas Mayr-Harting, political director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, describes the Austrian posoition regarding Iran and tries implicitly to legitimise deals of Austrian companies with Iran.

In the open letter STOP THE BOMB writes: “It is precisely Austria with her track record – having already once participated in antisemitic mass murder – which cannot make excuses by referring to and hiding behind the ‘international community’, the United Nations or EU decisions. On the contrary, she should take the lead and cooperate with those who forcefully and consistently embark on a course of action against Tehran, and not lend herself to the role of a pathfinder for such people who, while condemning the terror propagated by the Iranian ayatollahs, at the same time ensure that a flow of multi-billion sums is being pumped into the treasury of a regime which for nearly 30 years has been bullying and harassing its own population and has forced millions of Iranians into exile, a regime which strives for the annihilation of Israel.“ Political scientist Stephan Grigat, who is scientific advisor of STOP THE BOMB, stresses: “The Federal Government can’t escape responsibility by suggesting, that OMV were a private company: firstly because the Republic of Austria holds a share of more than 30% of OMV-stocks and secondly because every single state enforces the business environment in which external trade has to take place.”

Simultaneously with the open letter STOP THE BOMB is to start a divestment campaign against the planned deal between OMV and Iran. Several national and international investment houses are called upon selling their stock options of OMV as well as appealing to the company management to the effect of quitting negotiations with the Mullah’s regime in Tehran. Campaign speaker Simone Dinah Hartmann, who, as a smallholder, confronted the executive board with the common practice of the leadership of the Iranian Regime and was forced to stop her questions at OMV’s shareholders’ meeting on May 14, emphasizes: “The planned billion Euro deal is not just condemnable, but also connected to economic risks, that hardly can be estimated, taking into consideration the looming aggravation of the situiation regarding Iran.”. Hiwa Bahrami, who is the Austrian representative of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Iran, states: “Even by now the planned deal has led to an enormous loss of image, due to the critics of Iranian opposition members, human rights organisations, Jewish organisations and Holocaust survivors, as well as the critics of the US-American and the Israeli Government.”

The open letter by STOP THE BOMB can be found here.


OMV - Murder and More?

STOP THE BOMB announces protest on the occasion of OMV shareholders’ meeting and considers an international divestment campaign

On Wednesday the 14th of May the OMV shareholders’ meeting is taking place in Vienna. In this meeting the topic of the planned billion Euro deal with Iran will be covered. The campaign STOP THE BOMB – Coalition Against The Iranian Extermination Programme, which has been mobilizing against doing business with the Iranian regime with an international petition since the end of last year and lately with the conference “The Iranian threat”, has been preparing for this shareholders’ meeting for months. Members of the coalition are going to take part at the meeting to give utterance to their criticism. They are going to ask specific questions regarding the deal with Iran and insist on their right as smallholders to get answers. There are also protest actions planned to be held around this meeting.

Furthermore STOP THE BOMB obtains international and prominent support. Nobel Peace Price Prize Elie Wiesel points to the anti-Semitic character of the Iranian regime, which “announces to the whole world its wish to see a nation member of the international community wiped off the map.” Winner of Nobel Prize for Literature Elfriede Jelinek advocates “support for the Iranian opposition, which represents a real alternative to the actual regime and fights for a secular and democratic Iran” instead of collaboration with the Iranian mullahs.

The OMV has to envisage criticism and public protest during its shareholders’ meeting on the part of different organisations. Especially exiled Iranian organisations as the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Iran are incensed by the support for the murderous Mullah-regime. Hiwa Bahrami who is the Austrian representative of the DPKI: “The money made by the OMV-deal enables the regime to arm and to further terrorize the population.” Kayan Kaboli of the Green Party of Iran demands “termination of the negotiations between OMV and the Iranian regime, the abandonment of national support of doing business with Iran, and the imposition of effective and wholesale sanctions for the purpose of isolating the Iranian regime politically and economically.” Simone Dinah Hartmann, who is speaker of STOP THE BOMB, annotates: “With its enterprise OMV has already accomplished to infuriate variable organisations and individuals all over the world. Already in the beginning of May exiled Iranians, Israelis and US-Americans gathered together with activists from Europe, and put aside their differences to pursue their common goal which is the prevention of the Iranian bomb.”

For quite some time STOP THE BOMB has been in contact with brokers and investment bankers in the USA, in Germany and Israel to take adequate measures concerning the shareholders’ meeting. In the United States it has been common practice for a long time to exert public pressure so that state owned-pension funds as well as investment banks sell their stocks of companies which are doing business with Iran. The coalition assumes, that a big part of OMV-smallholders shares the concerns regarding the planned deal with Iran. Should OMV adhere to its undertaking, STOP THE BOMB is going to exhaust all possibilities, to act internationally to that effect, that OMV stocks are going to be discharged to a greater extent. This implies an appeal to smallholders to sell off their stocks in protest.

In regard to the intended billion euro deal, political scientist Stephan Grigat annotates: “The planned conclusion of the contract would promote the Iranian regime to one of the main business associates of Austria and to a relevant strategic partner of Europe. As it is internationally attempted to avert the Iranian threat by the means of impairing the regime, an Austrian enterprise, in which the Republic of Austria has a share of 30%, falls on the back of these efforts.” According to reports issued from inside Iran by the Iranian opposition and recently made public by social-democratic member of European Parliament Paulo Casaca, high-ranking representatives of OMV are to travel to Iran in the second half of May to finalize an agreement on oil extraction in Khuzestan. Therefore the conclusion of a new contract could be imminent. Casaca suggests that OMV stockholders take into consideration that this is not “business as usual”: In fact the deal would "provide the Iranian regime with the means to continue its internal war against its people and its avowed promises of obliterating Israel.”


Simone Dinah Hartmann (STOP THE bOMB)
Phone: +43 650 3448858

Hiwa Bahrami (Democratic Party of Kurdistan Iran)
Phone: +43 699 18883573

Contact persons abroad (Contact via Ms. Hartmann):

Ulrike Becker (Mideast Freedom Forum, Berlin)
Matthias Küntzel (Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, Hamburg)

European Union:
Paulo Casaca (MEP, Lisbon/Brussels)

Yossi Klein Halevi (Shalem Center, Jerusalem)
Yacov Stiassny (Club of the Austrian Pensioneers in Israel, Tel Aviv)

Jeffrey Herf (Professor for history at the University Maryland)
Kayvan Kaboli (Green Party of Iran, Los Angeles)
Andrei Markovits (Professor for political science at the University Michigan)
Charles A. Small (The Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism)


Internationale Iran-Konferenz an der Universität Wien

Scientists, oppositionists and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel broach the issue of the “Iranian threat”

On May 3rd and 4th, the international conference “The Iranian threat. The Islamic Republic, Israel’s struggle for existence and European reactions” takes place at the University of Vienna. The conference is hosted by STOP THE BOMB – Coalition against the Iranian Extermination Program in cooperation with Vienna's Jewish Community (IKG Wien), Scholars for Peace in the Middle East and the magazine Illustrierte Neue Welt.

The conference will be opened with a screened video message by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel who is also a supporter of the STOP THE BOMB online petition against the commercial transaction of the Austrian OMV with Iran. Among the conference speakers are scientists, politicians and activists from the USA, Iran, Austria, Germany, Portugal and Israel, such as the journalist Bruno Schirra, the political scientist Matthias Küntzel, Socialdemocratic Member of the European Parliament Paulo Casaca, the writer Robert Schindel, Michael Oren from the Shalem Centre in Jerusalem, Benny Morris (Ben Gurion University) and Jeffrey Herf (University of Maryland). Furthermore, Patrick Clawson (Washington Institute), as well as a number of Iranian dissidents like Menashe Amir, longtime head of the Farsi program of Kol Israel, Hiwa Bahrami, the Austrian Representative of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Iran and Kayvon Kaboli, speaker of the Green Party of Iran.

Stephan Grigat, lecturer for political science at the University of Vienna and co-organiser of the conference sees the conference “as a protest against the indifference, vast parts of the Austrian and European public display, when confronted with the terror against the Iranian population and the threat of elimination towards Israel on the part of the Mullahs in Tehran.”
Simone Dinah Hartmann, spokesperson of STOP THE BOMB, states the goal of the campaign: “On the one hand a depiction, analysis and critique of the Islamic dictatorship shall be rendered. On the other hand, it is necessary to examine Europe's rapport – in particular the relations of Germany and Austria – with the Iranian regime. The conference will broach the issue of the Iranian nuclear arms program as well as the planned multi-billion Euro deal of the Austrian OMV with Iran."
The conference gains specific actuality through the current state of the negotiations of the OMV and Iran. According to oppositional Iranian groups, a high-ranking delegation of the OMV will travel to Tehran for further negotiations in late May.


Kritik an "Heuchelei des Gedenkens"

Utl.: Holocaust-Überlebende, Klarsfeld, Jelinek und STOP THE BOMB kritisieren Folgenlosigkeit des "Anschluss"-Gedenkens angesichts des OMV-Deals mit dem iranischen Regime

Wien (OTS) - Die überparteiliche Plattform "STOP THE BOMB - Bündnis gegen das iranische Vernichtungsprogramm", die sich mit prominenter Unterstützung gegen Geschäfte mit dem iranischen Regime richtet, kritisiert die Heuchelei der gegenwärtigen Gedenkveranstaltungen zum so genannten "Anschluss". Man könne sich nicht auf ein folgenloses Warnen und Mahnen angesichts der Vergangenheit beschränken, sondern müsse sich dem aktuellen Antisemitismus, wie er insbesondere in den Vernichtungsdrohungen des iranischen Regimes gegenüber Israel zum Ausdruck komme, mit Taten entgegenstellen. Simone Dinah Hartmann, die Sprecherin der Plattform stellt dazu fest: "Sollen die Reden gegen Gewaltherrschaft und Antisemitismus nicht reine Heuchelei bleiben, muss das geplante Milliardengeschäft der OMV mit dem iranischen Regime gestoppt werden, um den iranischen Vernichtungsdrohungen nicht nur verbal, sondern durch Aufkündigung jeglicher Zusammenarbeit entgegen zu treten."

Unterstützung für diese Forderung kommt von in Israel lebenden Vertriebenen aus Österreich. Gideon Eckhaus, Vorstandsvorsitzender des "Zentralkomitees der Juden aus Österreich in Israel" stellt hinsichtlich des mit Unterstützung der österreichischen Regierung geplanten Milliarden-Geschäfts der OMV klar: "Wir wünschen, dass jede Unterstützung - wo immer sie auch herkommt - für die Entwicklung von Vernichtungswaffen im Iran, die sich gegen Israel oder andere Staaten richten, sofort eingestellt wird." Auch Ari Rath, der langjährige Chefredakteur der Jerusalem Post, der nach dem "Anschluss" als 13-Jähriger aus Wien vertrieben wurde, unterstützt die Kampagne von STOP THE BOMB gegen Geschäfte mit dem iranischen Regime.

Die in Wien lebende Autorin Ceija Stojka, Überlebende der Konzentrationslager Auschwitz, Ravensbrück und Bergen-Belsen und Unterstützerin von STOP THE BOMB, verweist auf ihre traumatischen Erfahrungen im Nationalsozialismus und spannt den Bogen zu den aktuellen Gefahren: "Nach der Befreiung blieb die Angst mein ständiger Begleiter. Die Vernichtungsdrohungen aus dem Iran lassen diese Angst wieder wachsen. Fast unerträglich wird sie, wenn Österreich auch noch Geschäfte macht mit diesem Regime." Beate Klarsfeld von den "Söhnen und Töchtern der jüdischen Deportierten Frankreichs", die zu den Erstunterzeichnern der im Dezember letzten Jahres gestarteten Unterschriftenaktion von STOP THE BOMB gehört und bereits bei den Protesten gegen Kurt Waldheim in Österreich aktiv war, fragt: "Will Österreich sich, nachdem es in den letzten Jahren zaghaft begonnen hat, seine Vergangenheit aufzuarbeiten, schon wieder schuldig machen, indem es die Judenmörder von heute und morgen unterstützt?"

Die Literaturnobelpreisträgerin Elfriede Jelinek, die ebenfalls zu den Erstunterstützern von STOP THE BOMB zählt, pflichtet dem bei: "Mit dem Iran unter seiner derzeitigen Führung kann man keine Geschäfte machen. Ein Staat, der sich die Vernichtung eines anderen Staates zum Programm gemacht hat, ist nicht gesellschaftsfähig, weil er auch gegen seine eigene Gesellschaft agiert. Die brutale Unterdrückung der Opposition, der Frau, und die mit offensichtlichem Nationalstolz vorangetriebene atomare Bewaffnung unter dem Deckmantel der zivilen Nutzung von Kernenergie schließen den Iran derzeit aus der Runde der zivilisierten Länder aus."

Die Plattform STOP THE BOMB hat angekündigt, mit weiteren Aktionen an die Öffentlichkeit zu treten. In der kommenden Woche erscheint im Studienverlag der von Simone Dinah Hartmann und dem Politikwissenschaftler Stephan Grigat herausgegebene Sammelband "Der Iran - Analyse einer islamischen Diktatur und ihrer europäischen Förderer", der in mehreren österreichischen und deutschen Städten präsentiert werden soll. Für den 3. und 4. Mai ist an der Wiener Universität eine Konferenz unter dem Titel "Die iranische Bedrohung - Die Islamische Republik, Israels Existenzkampf und die europäischen Reaktionen" geplant, an der Experten aus dem In- und Ausland, insbesondere iranische Oppositionelle, teilnehmen werden.


Aviso: Morgen, Dienstag, 10 Uhr Pressekonferenz von STOP THE BOMB - Bündnis gegen das iranische Vernichtungsprogramm

Utl.: NR Steinhauser, Schiedel, Bahrami und Hartmann zu OMV, Nabucco und Iran

Wien (OTS) - Die überparteiliche Plattform "STOP THE BOMB - Bündnis gegen das iranische Vernichtungsprogramm" lädt die Vertreterinnen und Vertreter der Medien zu einem


Albert Steinhauser, Nationalratsabgeordneter und Justizsprecher der Grünen
Heribert Schiedel, Aktion gegen den Antisemitismus
Hiwa Bahrami, Demokratische Partei Kurdistan-Iran
Simone Dinah Hartmann, STOP THE BOMB - Bündnis gegen das iranische Vernichtungsprogramm

Zeit: Dienstag, 12. Februar 2008, 10 Uhr

Ort: Café Berg, Berggasse 8, 1090 Wien

- Präsentation der über 3000 Unterschriften der Kampagne gegen Geschäfte mit dem Iran und internationale Reaktionen
- Aktuelle Entwicklungen bei OMV, Nabucco und Iran

Wir freuen uns auf Ihr Kommen!

Pressemappe [PDF]


Proteste gegen Besuch iranischer Parlamentsdelegation

Utl.: Ehemaliger österreichischer Botschafter in Israel, Dr. Kurt Hengl, sowie Abgeordneter des europäischen Parlaments, Paulo Casaca, schliessen sich dem Protest gegen das OMV Geschäft an

Wien (OTS) - Die überparteiliche Plattform "STOP THE BOMB - Bündnis gegen das iranische Vernichtungsprogramm" verurteilt die jüngsten Treffen zwischen ranghohen österreichischen Politikern und Politikerinnen mit einer Delegation des iranischen Pseudo-Parlaments aufs Schärfste. Im "Mittelpunkt der Aussprache" standen laut Parlamentskorrespondenz zudem nicht die Menschenrechtssituation im Iran und dessen Vernichtungsdrohungen gegen Israel, sondern "wirtschaftliche Beziehungen".

Auch andere Äußerungen zum fast einwöchigen Besuch der iranischen Delegation lassen befürchten, dass die heiklen Themen wieder mal ausgespart wurden. So sprach Nationalratspräsident Michael Spindelegger (ÖVP) vom "Respekt des jeweiligen anderen Standpunktes", was angesichts der antisemitischen Staatsdoktrin des Iran wie Hohn klingt. Noch weiter ging Abg. Helmut Kukacka (ÖVP), der behauptete, "Österreich sei sehr daran gelegen, die Freundschaft zwischen den beiden Ländern zu vertiefen und auszubauen."

"Ich empfinde kein Gefühl der Freundschaft gegenüber diesem Folterregime, sehr wohl aber mit dem unterdrückten iranischen Volk! Herrn Kucacka seien solche Gefühle unbenommen, aber er soll hier nicht für alle Österreicher sprechen!", so Dr. Elisabeth Pittermann, die gemeinsam mit Elfriede Jelinek, Beate Klarsfeld, Leon De Winter, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Neugebauer, Dr. Ariel Muzicant, Prof. Arik Brauer, Dr. Kazem Moussavi, Lotte Tobisch, Gerhard Haderer, Hermann Gremliza, Dr. Matthias Küntzel, Erwin Riess, Dr. Kurt Hengl, Robert Schindel, Alfred Dorfer, Marika Lichter, MEP Paulo Casaca, Mag. Hiwa Bahrami, Prof. Micha Brumlik, Dr. Brigitte Bailer, Prof. Andrei S. Markovits, Fiamma Nirenstein und Dr. Lars Rensmann zu den Unterzeichnern der Petition gegen (OMV-) Geschäfte mit den Mullahs zählt.

Die überparteiliche Plattform "STOP THE BOMB - Bündnis gegen das iranische Vernichtungsprogramm" hat vor mehr als einer Woche ihre Unterschriftenkampagne gestartet. Aktueller Anlass ist das kurz vor Abschluss stehende Mega-Geschäft der Österreichischen Mineralölverwaltung (OMV) mit dem iranischen Terrorregime.

"Während die internationale Staatengemeinschaft auf die politische und ökonomische Isolierung Teherans drängt, springt Österreich in die Bresche. Seit Ahmadinejads Amtsantritt im Sommer 2005 hat keine einzige ausländische Firma einen Eröl- oder Erdgasvertrag mit dem Iran abgeschlossen. Das geplante Geschäft der OMV soll das größte Erdgas-Geschäft werden, dass je ein europäisches Unternehmen mit dem Iran abschlossen hat", erklärte Dr. Matthias Küntzel, dessen Buch "Jihad und Judenhaß" zu den diesjährigen Gewinnern des Londoner Buchpreises zählt, im Mai 2007 in Wien.

Die Forderungen der Plattform nach umfangreichen politischen und ökonomischen Sanktionen gegen den Iran wurden heute früh in einer Aussendung allen ParlamentarierInnen zur Kenntnis gebracht.

Die Plattform "STOP THE BOMB - Bündnis gegen das iranische Vernichtungsprogramm" begrüßt bei aller Skepsis gegenüber den Intentionen des Konzerns die Diskussionsbereitschaft der OMV. "Wir hoffen, in einem öffentlichen Gespräch mit Generaldirektor Ruttensdorfer endlich eine Antwort darauf zu finden, warum die OMV als ein angeblich den Menschenrechten verpflichtetes Unternehmen einem Regime Milliarden an Euro in den Rachen schiebt, das Menschenrechtsverstöße gesetzlich vorschreibt und in den letzten drei Jahrzehnten für den Mord an Zehntausenden verantwortlich ist", so Simone Dinah Hartmann, Sprecherin der Plattform.

Morgen, Samstag, wird eine Anzeige in der Tageszeitung "Die Presse" mit einem Auszug der über 1000 UnterstützerInnen erscheinen.


No Deals with the Iranian mullahs!

Presentation of a broad campaign against the OMV-Deal and nuclear armament
Nobel Prize Laureate Elfriede Jelinek cautions against opening Pandora's box
Prominent support for call against the new appeasement

The non-partisan platform "STOP THE BOMB - Coalition against the Iranian extermination program" launches today a signing petition against deals with the Iranian mullahs. The impending completion of the mega-deal between the Austrian Oil Management Company (Oestereichische Mineraloelverwaltung - OMV) and the Iranian terror regime is prompting this petition. The anti-Semitic, apocalyptic Ahmadinejad is leading a regime that outright threatens Israel, and implicitly the West as well, with nuclear annihilation. Whereas the world attempts to avert this menace, a company - of which the state of Austria is its largest shareholder and owns 31.5 percent - undermines these peace efforts.

"The OMV views a country whose leadership exhibits a suicidal sense of mission and a determinedness to obliterate another country as an 'ideal partner' for business. It appears as though Austria intends to downright push itself forward in order to establish itself as a commercial hub, but unfortunately not as an agent of change, for this anti-Semitic and totalitarian Iranian regime", said Elfriede Jelinek. The Nobel Prize Laureate together with numerous prominent individuals coming from almost all walks of life are among the first signers of the campaign "No Deals with the Iranian mullahs". Some of the supporters are: Alfred Dorfer, Robert Schindel, Lotte Tobisch, Dr. Ariel Muzicant, Prof. Arik Brauer, Dr. Ing. Kazem Moussavi, Dr. Elisabeth Pittermann, Dr. Erwin Riess, Hon. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Neugebauer, Marika Lichter, Dr. Matthias Küntzel, Walter Kohl, Gerhard Haderer, Hermann Gremliza, Karl Pfeifer, Leon De Winter and Beate Klarsfeld.

For a long time Austria refused to acknowledge its complicity in the extermination of European Jews, and Austria is now demonstrating, in light of its WW 2 history, hollow talk of "responsibility" and "never again!". For former city councilwoman a.D. Elisabeth Pitterman, this failure to learn from history shows once again: "The fight against anti-Semitism is regarded at best as synonymous with coping with the past, but never as an effort of the present."

Nowadays, too, the anti-Semitic furor can not be subdued through ignorance and denial. In contrast to those who due to financial interests play down and gloss over the threats of annihilation towards Israel, we, the initiators of this campaign, take the words of a Dictator seriously. Whoever denies the Nazi crime against humanity, or lets them be denied at conferences, just as Ahmadinejad did, is preparing for the next murder of Jews. Wolfgang Neugebauer (Action against anti-Semitism in Austria) said: "As a historian I know that shying away from totalitarian dictatorships can have catastrophic consequences. The Western appeasement policy of 1938 facilitated the successes of Hitler Germany significantly and ultimately led to an even wider war than would have been the case, had there been timely and decisive resistance. The Shoah and other genocides in Europe would not have been possible, had Hitler Germany already been restrained in 1938. From this one should learn."

The signers demand the cessation of a "critical dialog" with the regime in Tehran in favor of comprehensive political and economic sanctions. "The negotiations between the OMV and the Iranian Mullahs as well as credit subsidies by the 'Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG' for such deals have to be discontinued immediately. The Iranian nuclear program has to be stopped early enough in order to give peace in the Middle East a chance," warned musical star Marika Lichter.

Dr. Ing. Kazem Moussavi (Green Party of Iran) demands that the dialog should be led with the Iranian opposition and no longer with the mullahs. All trade with the regime consolidates its power.
"As a result, the Pandora's box would truly be opened. Something horrendous would thereby emerge", according to Jelinek.